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Reality = Energy + Information

Energy is the enabler of all actions and is modelled as quanta called photons. God is the source of ALL energy and His Spirit is the channel through which energy is continuously supplied to keep reality existent.

Information is the DNA of our Universe encoded by God to control ALL interactions between photons to form our (ever-changing / active / alive) reality.

Matter is a collection of photons orbiting in interlocked orbits forming a 3D flower of life.

Mass is a measure of the impedance to the passage of highly energetic photons (gravitons) through matter which is dependent on both the number of photons a particle is made of and the way they interlock or configured which is similar to how the resistance to change in motion (called inertia) is dependent on both the mass of an object and the distribution of its mass across its volume).

Electrical Fields: A particle continuously emits photons in all 3D directions forming what we call an electric field.. A decaying photon propagates along helical path in clockwise or counter-clockwise directions which is what we call positive and negative polarity.

Magnetic Fields: Particles must keep spinning all the time to stay “alive” or to exist in our reality (material world). Spin bends or CURLs the electric field a particle is emitting which forms what we call magnetism. Above the spinning plane we call it North magnetic pole and below we call it South magnetic pole. All particles emit photons and this not neutral.

Neutrons are not neutral but are rapidly changing polarity with alternating clockwise and counter-clockwise helical photon radiations fast enough to keep attracting the protons to them when they are negative and repel the protons before they come too near when they change to positive. This is what we call strong nuclear force. No need for artificial gluons or force carriers at all.

Antimatter is the same as matter except their helication is reversed so for example if matter electrons emit clockwise helical photon radiations then anti-matter electrons (or positrons) emit counter-clockwise helical photon radiations.

Dark Matter or Invisible Matter: If matter and antimatter come near enough to each other their fields “hug” each other so little escapes and therefore both become invisible to the outside word. There is no annihilation at all. They simply become what we call “dark matter” or “invisible matter”.

Dark Energy or Invisible Energy can be thought of in terms of free all-penetrating photons which we call “Gravitons” which are the most energetic free photons (not bound inside a particle). God knows better.

Light propagates along helical paths just like our DNA is made of two co-helicating photon emissions in the same helication direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) but with 90 degrees phase shift between them to neutralize the electric and magnetic properties of the total sum which is why light is neither electrically positive or negative nor magnetically north or south.

Space is continuously produced as light propagates outwards away from its source (GOD) as hinted to in Quran 51:47 "We have indeed built the heavens with Hands and We are continuously expanding it."

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God > infinity

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